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| Last Updated::27/09/2019

Major Activity


Flamingo Festival 2015

 Flamingo Festival 2015

The ENVIS team attended the annual Flamingo Festival conducted by the BNHS on February 28, 2015. The event witnessed a footfall of over 15,000 people, young and old alike, who thronged to the Sewri Jetty in Mumbai, just for a good view of the pink beauties. The ENVIS team disseminated information on birds and answered queries posed by the public during the Flamingo Festival. ENVIS newsletters were distributed to visitors who were keen to know more about birds. Apart from the numerous binoculars and spotting scopes arranged for viewing the flamingos, there were other interesting activities kept alongside for children like check your wing span, flamingo tattoos, drawing competition , slogan writing competition ,and face painting.